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About Me 

Hello, my name is Lisa. 

I come from 30 years in  the corporate world and can relate to the overwhelming and stressful environment. I started to notice that while working and enjoying my job my health started to suffer. I found counselling beneficial in enabling me to just talk and express all the stored emotions that were affecting me and finding solutions to support both my mental wellbeing as well as my overall health.  

Lets unpack the suitcase of emotions and work out what best supports you and then repack it to make it lighter. 

This made me decide to dig out study books back out and train to be counsellor. I find it fulfilling and humbling to being beside a client along their own mental wellbeing journey.  

I will support you while you navigate finding the solutions to the challenges that you're experiencing; by offering a range of tools and techniques that will help. 

I can empower you by  offering  a safe and confidential space to enable you to find your own solutions by giving a space to talk through what's  on your mind without interruption. 

 When not working you'll find me walking my daft Labradoodle in the fields and  woods or with some kind of creative wooliness being made. 


Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Accredited)

Level 4 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Accredited)

Level 3 Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapist 

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